Best Osaki Massage Chair for all Age Group

Osaki massage chair is having all noticeable features which are perfect for your daily well-being. The most capable massage chair of 2017 has brought the new invention in the name of comfort for users. Whether you have another medium of professional massage session and chiropractic sessions but Osaki massage chair is something you want to get along with this to get relief from your pain as it works well on every point of your body. Get yourself Osaki massage chair for every time support for your issues with your body ache. Its different models are creating buzz on people but they are keenly engineered and designed by keeping every bit of your body’s pain or exhaustion relief. The right direction of Osaki’s new models will let you fell more relaxed.

Check some of the amazing list of Osaki massage chair which will let you fall in love with them surely:

Best Osaki Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 7200HC Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair

Osaki OS 7200 HC is carrying the surplus features than its predecessors OS 6000. It has 51 air bags to work on your important points of your body as it targets the upper and lower part both. Osaki 7200 HC is featured with zero gravity for minimizing the pressure on your spine. There are more features in this massage chair you can see it through some points.

  • You can recline this massage chair till 170 degree for the extra comfort.
  • There is music synced with massage which indicates through vibrations and it produces great beats and makes your massage session more enjoyable.
  • There are6 pre-set program which can be set according to the intensity and speed as per your need.
  • The remote is for monitoring the massage chair and guide it properly for the speed increase or decrease.
  • There is style body which runs for stretching and there is also pelvis twist program for more relaxation.
  • It is made from leatheroid and you can get this in different colors like brown, black, and charcoal.
  • There is an MP3/ iPOD dock.

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Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage chair

The model of Osaki massage chair OS-4000 C and there is all the specifications which lies in its predecessors OS-3000. It has 48 multi layered air bags and it functions so well particularly on neck, shoulders and hips. Its vibration is extraordinarily good for arms massage and heat therapy is my personal favorite which is immensely pleasurable for your back. The scanning technology is literally amazing as it scans your body and adjusts the height and rollers and also width of your body as per your body. Check more features:

  • There is S-track pattern for your relaxing neck, back and the area of lumber and it also takes care of the speed.
  • The six programs like: Demo, Circulation, Healthcare, Relax, Smart and Therapy which is essentially good for all your needs while massaging your body.
  • There is pattern of soft quad rollers which is engineered for giving a hand touch relaxation while massaging.
  • It has functions of acupuncture and it reliefs the tension.
  • Its style is unique in its own manner and its exterior gives a royal look and you can use it as home décor.

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Osaki OS-7075 RC Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki’s 7075 C models are stunningly good in giving full relaxation to your upper and lower body equally. It targets the whole vital area of your body for pain recovery. It heals from within and makes you feel like a trip to paradise. It has maintained the success volume of its predecessors. It’s one of the rollers which actively involves in massaging the soles of your feet and makes you tension-free undoubtedly.

Check some stunning features which completes the existence of Osaki OS-7075:

  • It offers variety of options for you which fulfills all your needs for massage.
  • Airbags generates the well-being to your hips muscles, pelvis and relaxes your lower body.
  • The complimentary inclusion of head massagers which by giving pressure on your head gives worthy result and relaxation.
  • This massage chair is not for short height people so thankfully you have another option to pick for you.
  • The six programs offer different results on your body so you should be tension-free for your need fulfillment there is everything.

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OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage chair

This massage chair carries all contemporary features to suit today’s need. It does not only work on particular area of your body instead it gives full relaxation to your every joint or muscles. It is constituted with 48 airbags which is good for your calves, shoulders, back, arms, feet, it means it is a head to toe massage session for your body. Check its breathable features for your confirmation:

  • The six genuine programs for your body such as circulation, Demo, Healthcare, Relax, Smart and Therapy.
  • The six methods of massaging are also good for you such as Clapping, Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, Swedish and there are three kind of width which will fit or adjust according to your need.
  • It has synthetic leather from outside which is good in comfort.
  • It is durable and having great appeal when it comes to its look.

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You have gone through all peculiar and amazing massage chairs from Osaki which is specifically designed to provide you bed of roses for you so you can expect splendid experience of massage from the list. Buy it from Amazon to enjoy more saving.

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